Rune casting has been used for centuries as a way to connect with higher consciousness. Galaxy Runes continues this tradition today. Galaxy Runes provides rune casting, rune spreads and the Rune Encyclopedia with in depth interpretations and magical correspondences.

Draw a Single Rune

Shake your bag of runes and draw. Read rune keywords and full text or consult ancient rune poetry. Each rune is an entry way to the Rune encyclopedia by following aspects of the rune (Element, Polarity, Zodiac, Planet, Colour, Crystal, Plant, Tree & Deity).

Rune Spreads & Analysis

Choose your spread and cast your runes. View your spread from above, as a list with position descriptions or swipe between each rune in full screen mode. Our Galaxy Rune Spread Analysis will tell you trends in your spread based on properties in the encyclopedia.

Choose from 10 Spreads

Your choice of ten different spreads: Three Stones, Four Stones, Spiritual Understanding, Celtic Cross, Chakras, Seven Stones, Eight Stones, Relationship, Eleven Stones, and Twelve Runes.

Rune Encyclopedia

Rune Encyclopedia: Browse all runes as a grid, zoom in and out. Or view all runes as a list. Rune association encyclopedia allows you to sort runes by various properties including: Element, Polarity, Zodiac, Planet, Colour, Crystal, Plant, Tree and Deity.

Choose from 7 Themes & 3 Sets of Runes

Galaxy Runes provides seven gorgeous themes and your choice of three different sets of runes.

Rune of the Day Widget & Notification

Resizable rune of the day widget, optionally enable rune of the day notification.

Save & Share Spreads, Take Rune Notes, Custom Settings

Save your spreads with notes. Add your own personal notes to runes. Share spreads and runes with your friends. Customize your Galaxy Rune experience including support for Wyrd stone and reverse runes.

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