Imagine...connecting with your inner wisdom and finding crystal clear answers, a comforted heart, and a calm mind. Imagine doing that instantly, any time, any place. Welcome to Galaxy Tarot. An Oracle for the 21st Century.

Art from the Waite-Smith 1909 Tarot Deck

Draw a single card for insight or to learn more about the Tarot.

Shuffle and cut the deck. Select your card. Learn more by reading the keywords and interpretation. Turn Reversed Cards on if you like to use them into your readings and access the reversed card keywords and interpretations as well. Go deeper into each card by exploring its symbolism, numerology, and magical association, including elements, planets and zodiac signs, colors, chakras, runes, crystals, and more.

Tarot Reading & Analysis

Choose a spread to suit your question or situation. Calm your mind and focus while you shuffle and cut the deck; choose the cards that feel just right from the fan of cards (of course, you can change the settings to skip all this). Flip the cards one by one, or all at once; you can even lay them out face-up. Use your intuition to read the pictures on the card; learn more by reading the keywords and interpretations. Look at each card individually, or view your whole reading on one screen. Save your reading using our dynamic journal feature: save your notes on your reading, revisit and continue to add your thoughts. Share your reading with friends using email, Facebook, Instagram and more, or export your readings for your self using Evernote and other popular file-saving applications. Use the Galaxy Tarot reading analysis to look for overarching themes in your reading, for example, what does it mean when you have many 6s in your readings, when there are birds in many of the cards, or when your reading is mostly court cards? The analysis feature will show you!

Choose from 12 Spreads

Your choice of twenty different spreads. Basic Spreads: Past, Present, Future. Two Card. Four Card General Spread. Relationship Spread. Celtic Cross. These spreads are available in the free version of Galaxy Tarot. Galaxy Tone Spreads -- unique and modern Tarot spreads created by our own Tarotist: Truth Spread, Galaxy Spiral Spread, Shooting Arrow Spread, Week Spread, Galaxy Relationship Spread, Galaxy Horseshoe Spread Classic Spreads -- time tested and popular spreads: Chakras, Houses of Astrology, Horseshoe Spread, Cabala Tree of Life, Reflection on the Year Spread, World Tree Spread, Element Spread, Choice Spread, 15-Card Story Spread

Sophisticated Tarot Card Browsing

Browse all the Tarot cards as a list or in a grid. Select a category to view cards by card type (major arcana, minor arcana, or court cards), suit, number, card symbols, color, planet or zodiac sign, and more. Learn what the symbols and associations for each card mean.

Choose from Seven Themes with Interchangeable Card Backs

Galaxy Tarot Pro provides seven gorgeous high-resolution themes. Use the default card back for that theme, or choose the one you like best. There are custom home screen icons and a color scheme for every background.

Card of the Day Widget & Notification. Save & Share, Custom Settings

Resizable Card of the Day widget and optional notification (choose what time you'd like to receive it). Add your own personal notes to cards. Share spreads and cards with your friends. Customize your Galaxy Tarot experience including support for reverse cards with full reverse interpretations.

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